8mm AQUA Flooring

AQUA Floor Protect your Property with waterproof wood-based laminate flooring. Exclusive to Floor & Decor, AQUA Floor Performance Waterproof Laminate is a premier laminate option with ultimate durability. Not only is AQUA Floor Performance waterproof, but it's scratch- and dent-resistant as well as kid- and pet-friendly. It's the ideal flooring solution for homes with a lot of activity. AQUA Floor Performance comes backed by a 10 years warranty residential and 1 year commercial warranty and, with zero acclimation time, it can be installed the same day. To put it simply, AquaGuard Performance is the next evolution of laminate flooring.
Material : AQUA Floor
Type : Plank
Size : 1215mm x 195mm
Pile : 8mm(±0.1mm)
Packing : 1box * 8pcs (20.4sqft)
Usage : House, School, Restaurant, Church, Coffee Shop, Exhibition Place, Office, Building & Commercial Facility, Educational facility, Hospital, Public facility